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What you should know before your lash appointment:

Please remove all eye make up, especially mascara. If you wear waterproof mascara, avoid using for at least a 2-3 days before. The oils can stay behind and will interfere with the extension glue used.


We will only do what is healthy for your lashes:

If you are looking for Kardashian lashes but your own lashes are too short or damaged, we won't do it. We care about clients long-term lash health. However, we will do whatever we can to give you a lash style that you will love!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you find that your lash style just doesn't suit you or lashes falling out quicker then is usual... do not hesitate to give us a call! We will always fix any issues immediately. These are your eyes we are dealing with after all, you should love the way you look!


On a side note:

It's super important that you follow all after care instructions. If you are using the wrong make up, or oily cleansers, etc. you are not going to be happy with your lashes falling out quickly or getting clumped together. If you ever have any questions or concerns, let us know


Make sure to schedule a lash removal if you have lashes on that need to be removed first. (free with new set)

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Select this option only if your prior full set or fill was done at our studio. The fill must be no later then 2-3 weeks from your last appointment. If you wait too long or have less than 50% of your original lash extensions, there may be an additional charge.

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Removal is free when scheduled with a full set or if your previous lashes were done by us.

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Want to try lash services and receive 50% off? Schedule with one of our Lash Apprentice Artist.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Lush Lashes!

Is there anything I should do to prepare?

Please arrive with clean lashes. Any time spent removing mascara or other eye make up may take away from lashing time.


How often should I get a fill?

We recommend scheduling every 2-3 weeks. 

Natural lashes shed at a rate of about 1-3 per day. So if you are losing an average of 21 lashes per week that is 42 after 2 weeks and 63 after 3 weeks. By week 3 you will have slightly less then half of your extensions still intact. Waiting over 3 weeks means your fill appointment will need more time, and we'll have to charge for a full set.

How long does it take?

Your initial lash appointment will take about 2 hours to complete. We will attach lash extensions to at least 80% of your natural lashes in that time. Fill appointments take 1 hour and will bring you back to the original fullness. If you are coming to us from another salon, we book extra time to fix lashes that may have been attached incorrectly. If the lashes are very clumped or otherwise not performed to our standards, we will need to do a full removal and start over.

I've had cluster lashes applied before, is this the same thing?

Not even close. We have had a lot of clients with clusters applied from other salons and are told they were the same as lash extensions. Clusters are very heavy for the natural lash and because they are not isolated lash by lash, they will need a full removal. 

Do lash extensions damage my real lashes?

Your natural lashes will not be damaged if the extensions are applied correctly. It's important that each lash is isolated and applied one extension onto one lash. The weight and length of the lash should not be more then 1/3 heavier or longer then natural lashes to avoid damage. Our lash artists are trained very well - you will not experience any lash damage with us.

What can I expect from this service?

If you've never had lash extensions before, you'll truly love it. Some may find it difficult to sit still with your eyes closed for the entire service but most of our clients take a short nap while they are here. On your first appointment, your trained eyelash extension esthetician will have a thorough consultation to decide on a lash style. She will then prep your lashes with a eye make up remover and a protein cleanser. After drying the lashes and safely attaching eye pads, the service starts and she'll take her time applying your lash extensions, one by one. You should never have any discomfort or stinging during the service. If you are at all uncomfortable, inform your esthetician immediately.

How do I take care of my lash extensions?

Aftercare is so important to maintain and extend the life of your lashes.

  • Avoid water and steam for the first 24 hours to allow the glue to fully cure.

  • Avoid any oil-based cleansers or make up products. 

  • Cleanse lashes daily and brush through them with a mascara wand after each wash/shower

  • Do not use any mascara unless it's specifically made to use with lash extensions

  • Do not pick at your lashes! 

Will my medications affect my lashes?

Thyroid medications can change the environment of the lash area, making natural lashes oilier, dryer, or more brittle.  Please be aware that if you are taking this medication, your lashes may respond differently.   If you take vitamins that encourage or stimulate hair growth, your lashes may shed faster.  There also may be other medications that change your body’s chemistry and make lash extensions not stick so great.

Pregnancy + Lashes

We recommend waiting until after you have your baby to get lash extensions for several reasons. The first is that it may be difficult to lay on your back for an extended amount of time. Secondly, pregnancy can make you sensitive to the glue even if you have had extensions with no issues before. 

Big event coming up?

If you are getting married or going on vacation, it would be helpful to come in for a free eyelash extension consultation. We'll discuss styling and add a couple of lashes to the outer corner of your eyes. If you have no reaction after 24 hours, we'd be happy to lash you then.

I have oily skin, will that affect my lashes?

Unfortunately, yes it will. But fortunately, we sell an amazing sealer that you can pick up after your appointment to help lock out oil and moisture for longer lasting lashes. You'll apply this much like a mascara every 1-3 days. Also helpful for swimmers!

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