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Our vision is to create a space of inclusion, community over competition, and creating a lifestyle brand that is all about positivity and supporting other women. We love what we
do and we have the best intentions. We strive to constantly grow and push ourselves to be better, and push ourselves to the next level. We've put incredible effort into making sure EVERY SERVICE is the best around. You’ve just found your go-to wax & lash bar. Here’s why:


We’ll never settle for standard.
Monique and Amanda have always taken a hands-on approach to the business and from the very beginning, have sought out the best.  Not only do we use the best wax in the industry, we also use the best pre and post products for smoother skin and less irritation.

Waxing Done Right.
 Using a combination of hard and strip wax to ensure our technique is not only efficient and as pain free as could be, but also quick! Don't be fooled by those who
say that strip wax OR hard wax is better. Our proprietary brazilian wax technique uses a specific combination of both waxes and is still completed in 15 minutes or less so you
don't have to choose one wax or the other, you can have the best of both worlds.


Do It with Passion, or Not At All
Our procedures and processes, client care and consultation and customization of your waxing and aftercare are all part of the Elixr way. However this is all made possible by amazing estheticians who love what they do and allow their passion for their jobs show in all daily interactions. Our staff have a professional bedside manner and know how to help you relax, even have a laugh during your waxing services. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable or awkward silence.



What good is having the best products, best techniques, and fabulous locations if things aren’t squeaky clean? Well, they are. Totally squeaky clean. No double dipping, strict sanitation protocols, contraindication checks, gloves, hygiene wipes, hospital-grade sanitation; no detail has been overlooked.


It’s All in the Details
And when it comes to our brow services, we’re very different from the rest. We won’t just wax your brows and call it a day. We’ll rescue your brows and send you off with a
picture perfect goodbye. Every service begins with the application of soothing under eye collagen pads to help brighten, de-puff, and because they feel really, really nice. While you fall into relaxation, we work our brow magic. We’ll map your brows to your facial structure and after we get the go ahead from you, we’ll trim, wax and tweeze to perfection. Worried about heading back to work right after? Don’t. Seriously. We finish off the service by highlighting to conceal any redness then fill with your choice of powder, pencil, or just a quick brow gel.


What makes us #waxsquadgoals
We’re always on the lookout for fabulous new additions to our team. If you think you have what it takes to wax hair off with the best of them, apply now! You’ll love it here.

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Keep it clean
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